I am a King. I lead boldly without hesitation or fear. I protect my realm and provide for my family.  I am embedded into my community as an expander of other men. I inspire and encourage others to discover their own form of consciousness and develop their own abilities.

My Home Environment

My Creative Environment

My Health

My Relationship

My Embodiment

My Career

Who Inspires ME

Ryan Leech

Daniel Schmachtenberger

Darren Berrecloth

Simon Sinek

My Core Desired Feelings

Freedom, Joy, Empowerment, Excitement, Confidence, Robustness, Curiosity, Playfulness…

Gratitude Statements

I am grateful for my loving divine union. My woman and I connect on such a deep and conscious level. I am present to hold the space that she needs to feel safe and supported in her feminine. This has elevated our sex life and our connection is now unbreakable. Our days are full of laughter, creativity, intimacy and joy.

I am grateful for my connection with my body. I nurture, feed and respect its needs. I have a deep love for this vessel that I have been blessed with. I work with it every day to improve its strength, flexibility and aesthetic whilst keeping it in top form to increase its longevity through nourishment and being a dedicated, impressive circadian warrior.

I am grateful to be inspiring others to be their best. To be expanding others awareness in a grounded respectful way. I am thankful to have a property where I can hold rugged retreats that facilitate men to reconnect with their ‘wildness’, learn from each other and share my fire and passion for the outdoors.

I am grateful that my career enables me to share my gifts and vulnerability with others and at the same time creates the freedom and space for me to continue to evolve as a divine masculine. I am so grateful that I have the financial abundance to provide for my family without stress or concern of ever feeling scarcity. To make over six figures per year in personal profit, allowing me to invest into properties and create a legacy for my family.

I am grateful for my home. A sanctuary that I can share with my family and friends. A space that creates a feeling of community, that my woman can use for her divine rose pursuits, that we can accommodate many to visit and share time and experiences with. I am so grateful that we have enough space that I can have my own creative workshop where I can spend time expressing my passion and creativity for custom motorcycles and furniture. Im thankful that our property allows us to grow our own garden, we have a reliable clean fresh source of water and fertile soils.

I am grateful for the community that surrounds me, the creativity, beauty, the love, the honesty and vulnerability. I am thankful for the support they bring into my life for my continued evolution and the opportunity to support them in return.